Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Yelapa 2303 Richmond Avenue Houston, TX 77098 (281) 501-0391

This is the beginning of a series of Houston restaurants that will not make it to the column. The reason for this one is the same as the last time I went there. Just after eating the current chef left for someplace else. I must say the last put out food I liked better than the first one. Below is the chips and salsa that hit the table. Pretty much standard red and green and tasty
Below is a Watermelon Gazpacho liquid composed of watermelon juice and tomato water. The tower consists of chopped cucumber, watermelon​, jicama, tomato and avocado. The tower came out in the bowl and a steel teapot held the juices. You poured as little or as much as you wanted. It was refreshing with the sweet/tart liquid and the various textures and flavors of the tower. Something very creative and I would order it again and again

I followed that with a ceviche done Peruvian style (just tossed with lime juice). It contained avocado, mango, tomato, lime juice with escolar and shrimp. It was drier than most I have had but tasty especially the contrast between the oily avocado and sweet astringency of the mango

They had fried tempura style Fish Tacos on the menu so I took another chance. This one turned out well. It was closer my ideal that many I have tried over the years On this one the cabbage slaw consisting of carrot ,cabbage jicama, carrot in pasilla chile mayo made this a delight.

I cannot f0r the life of me remember what they called this dessert. My take on it was a spicy chocolate woopie pie with chocolate coating and duches leche drizzle. Light and delicious.

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