Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Farrago 318 Gray St Houston, TX 77002 (713) 523-6404

This place has a sort of a multicultural menu serving food styles from many countries. To start I chose Posole A latin american pork & hominy stew with green chilies, fresh cilantro & grilled baguette. Most soups like this come with lime wedges and chopped onions. No chopped onions this time but a rather clever way with the lime. In the soup itself so it was warm and pliable in order to get the maximin juice out of it. It was mildly spicy with a warming pork broth and the starchiness of the corn. All it need was some tripe and it would have been an excellent menudo.
I went vegetarian with the Portobello “Burger”. A grilled Portobello​ topped with gorgonzola & crispy onions. The density and mouth feel of the mushroom more than make up for no meat on the bun. It ate like the real thing. As I have said before I am an omnivore and I like a little veg every once in awhile. The fries were Ok

For dessert I went with Bread pudding. This one had a little apple in it. I like the idea of individual ones but two is just too much. I would have been happy with just one. It was well made with the bread being thoroughly soaked with the custard. A raspberry and vanilla drizzle accompanied it. Despite being a little tough for me to get to I enjoyed my meal

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