Tuesday, August 2, 2011

WOW Cafe & Wingery 509 Bertrand Dr Lafayette 337.269.4669‎

Another BB adventure that went wrong for a variety of reasons. Below is Ms Naomi's Gumbo This traditional Louisiana favorite is a collection of flavors and spices that reflect the diversity of our Louisiana culture and Cajun heritage with onions, celery, garlic, bell peppers, spicy cayenne, smoked andouille and our secret blend of spices. Served over steamed rice. Sorry this is no way indicative of my Cajun heritage. To me this is the ultimate nasty a** thick Creole New Orleans variant with a really horrible spice blend. The description should read "Served under a pile of rice" One bite was all I could take
In the Chopped Salad area I got the Kentucky Club Lettuce, tomatoes, bacon, mixed cheese, croutons & honey mustard dressing. First of all the chopped part was good. However someone needs to explain what a chopped salad is. In it everything is chopped to about the same size including the lettuce. You do not plop stuff on a bed of lettuce. If it had been a true chopped salad I would have liked it better. The basic components were good.
I ordered The Bayou Blues Burger. Blackened to juicy perfection with our special signature spice and topped with crumbled bleu cheese. It came out room temperature, was not juicy and had the consistency of shoe leather. The onion rings were also room temp. Now I will tell you why. I got here about 1:30 PM. There were just two other tables of customers both of which had their orders. This burger came out within 10 minutes of my order. The only way that could happen was they precooked things for a busy lunch and did not use them all. I got the remains that had been sitting under a heat lamp for lord knows how long. NOT GOOD
Finally a 6 piece bone in wing with Mexican sauce which is the Chipotle sauce garnished with fresh cheese. Again room temperature so pre-fried and sitting around. The flavor was very good. I like that smoky taste you get with chipotle. However this was way above my comfort zone. Some of the spiciest chipotle I have ever had. I ate as much as I could. What you see is the remains
This is a place I will never return to unless forced by being in a group that wants to go there. They were just wrong foisting their lunch remains on me and not cooking it fresh.

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Celeste said...

Too thick gumbo is a pet peeve of mine as well...