Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Frey's 919 North Lake Arthur Avenue Jennings, LA 70546-4629(337) 824-6004

Just to show you that not all Bargain Bees are disasters here is one I loved. The salad was OK because they used both bagged lettuce and unbagged lettuce.

Here are some hush puppies I have not encounter before. They had onions and black pepper in . I like black pepper in some applications and it worked here. Nothing I like better than a good hush puppy

Here is the real treat. Eggplant Supreme. They slice the eggplant lengthwise into a plank. They batter and fry it like a piece of fish. A shrimp and cream sauce goes on top. The shrimp were large and grilled before they were added to the sauce. I got a sweet potato on the side and they provided some cinnamon sugar for.

It had been awhile since I have eaten here and I am happy to see that the food was still great

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