Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Beau Reve 4400 Atlantic Road, Port Arthur, TX 77702 409-962-2422

This BB is sort of a destination. It is an old plantation like mansion that was moved to this site via water. Behind itis a bayou. While the owner lives in the main house the grounds and an outbuilding are set up for weddings and receptions. The reception building is open for lunch Monday through Friday. Dinner is served only on Friday night. The end facing the water is glassed in and makes for a nice view. The atmosphere is lovely even though set up for weddings. If they are not busy your server will give a short tour of the house. Below is a salad not out of a bag.
They call these Crab Croquettes Two croquettes of fresh lump of crab meat seasoned with our special blend of veggies then lightly browned to a delicate crispness and served with a lemon & garlic butter sauce. This what Sha Sha's crab cakes should be. Dice onion and peppers mixed with lump crab meat then pan sauteed. They were loaded with crab flavor and not greasy. The butter sauce on the side gives you the option to dunk or not.
Corn & Crab Bisque Savory cream soup loaded with lump crab meat and corn. This was OK. It seemed to be reduced heavy cream with a ton of corn kernels and the only crab was what was on top. It was a bit too rich. I prefer one made with seafood broth with just enough cream to make it smooth and somewhat rich
I got the Grilled Tilapia for my entree Pan seared in garlic butter with a fresh Mango Sauce with poblano peppers and sides of steamed veg and sweet potato pudding with praline sauce. The fish was perfectly cooked with a nice seasoning blend on it. Just spicy enough. The fresh mango puree with the chopped poblano peppers in it made an excellent foil for the fish. A somewhat sweet/tart sauce with a little kick. The steamed veg was good and the sweet potato dish excellent. Nice and smooth with a caramel high note.
You don't often see Buttermilk Pie on a menu. Our freshly made Cajun treat When I do I get it to compare to my aunt's one. This one is a bit unusual in that it is served hot. I prefer mine room temp but the flavor was there. Sweet with a tart undernote.
My roots lie in upper Cameron parish where my mother and father were raised and most of my kinfolk once lived. Based on some items on the menu and what I ate I would venture to say that the chef's roots lie in Southwest Louisiana possible Cameron parish. Good food and a relaxing time. I would go back here maybe for dinner on Friday night

Beau Reve

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We had a graduation dinner at Beau Reve's recently and I want to say, it was excellent. Becky and her staff are so accommodating and wonderful to work with. The food was fabulous. I can not say enough about the venue itself. The atmosphere is so beautiful and relaxing. The food and the atmosphere made for a most enjoyable evening. I would definitely return to Beau Reve for any occasion. Karen Theall