Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Broken Spoke 1809 Washington Ave Houston TX (713) 863-7029

You would think with a name like this it would be Texan food but instead it is a Belgium restaurant. Below is the bread basket. A nice mini baguette of French bread.
Here are the six beers of the tour La Route de Bruxelles which consisted of 18 Assorted Mussels and these 6 Beer Samples. All were Belgium with names I can not pronounce let alone remember

The mussels consisted of La Moule Marinière, Mussels steamed with butter, celery, onion,
and white wine. La Moule à l' Escargot Mussels in garlic butter sauce La Moule Provençale​s
Mussels in a tomato sauce La Moule Roquefort Mussels in a creamy blue cheese sauce La Moule Curry Mussels in a curry sauce La Moule Diable Mussels in a spicy tomato sauce La Moule Estragon Mussels in a creamy tarragon sauce La Moule Crème Mussels in a cream sauce

As in Belgium the fries come with mayonnaise not ketchup

I enjoyed my mussels but am doubtful I will return. Another restaurant hard for me to get to and in. It is amazing how many places are not ADA compliant

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