Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Mr Bill's at Harrys

Mr Bill’s at Harrys
2555 Hwy 171
Moss Bluff LA

9 AM to 9 PM Daily $1 to $18

Yes you are reading that correctly. Boo Guillory of Mr Bill’s fame is back in the game. He comes fully loaded and delicious. For me the test of an establishment like this is the plate lunch. The one I had here was fantastic. It was a deep dark and flavorful Chicken Stew. It seemed as if the meat had been cooked on the bone and then hand pulled. It proved tender melt in you mouth with a mountain of flavor. The stew also contained onions, carrots, and potatoes over a heap of rice. The sides of corn and black-eyed peas held a lot of flavor. A fried pistollete topped it. A truck driver’s dream if ever I saw one.

Next I went after the “Who Dat Burger. This would put a whopper to shame. Starting out with the bottom bun they add jalapeño, mustard, tomato and chopped onions then start building high. They pile on a half pound burger, pepper jack cheese, bacon, and a large onion ring. They follow that by a repeating it topped off with the bun and mayonnaise. It shows up with a table knife stuck through it for stability. Even if you try to squish it down it would not fit in your mouth. I began thinking this would be a K&F job (knife and fork). However inspiration hit. I took the second patty to the bun and just ate like an open faced burger, twice. Oh what a burger it was. The patties were cooked perfectly remaining juicy with lots of beef flavor. The gestalt of the all the ingredients lead to a wonderful experience. I opted for onion rings with it. They do a medium cut with a flour batter and they were good. I finished with a new creation, The Cajun Puff. A fried pistollete split open and then filled with vanilla ice cream with a chocolate drizzle, magnificent

My last time in I got informed after my meal it was complimentary. I guess they figured out who I was. I ordered a Seafood Pistollete and a Meat Pie for appetizer. The pistollete again fried and split with shrimp and crab meat in a cream sauce put inside. The lushness of the filling was cut by a lovely spice level. The handheld pie was fried perfectly and the ground meat filling steamy and moist with nice kick. I also received from the kitchen a five bone rack of BBQ ribs that was the special of the day. They proved fall off the bone tender with a nice smoke ring and a sweet & spicy glaze. I enjoyed a few and not all because I knew what was coming next. The Seafood Platter with sweet potato fries. It comes with a standard iceberg lettuce salad. On the platter is fried shrimp, fried oysters, fried catfish, fried crab cake, fried stuffed shrimp and fried stuffed crab. Both the shrimp in a flour batter and the catfish in cornmeal were perfect. The oysters in cornmeal were a bit small (not really the season) but tasty. Both the stuffed shrimp and crab had great stuffing even if the crust was a little hard. However the crab cake held disappoint for me as the crust was so thick there did not seem to be any crab. The sweet potato fries were excellent. They were a sort of steak house cut and came with sugar cinnamon butter.

All I can say is the man knows how to cook and I would eat anything he would put on the table. It is too bad I will not be able to get there for awhile as I have loads of venues to review.

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Anonymous said...

The food is great. The to go service is not. On 5 occasions we have placed to go orders. On 3 of these orders we have been shorted and/or given the wrong food.