Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Louie's Diner 209 West State Street Baton Rouge, LA 70802 (225) 346-8221

I made a run into Baton Rouge. Two restaurants will be grouped together for a Lagniappe review. This one is just not long enough. It is famous through for most people that attended LSU. I just took a minor taste of it becauses the voucher was only for $10. I did meet a nice couple at the counter stools and if I ever return I spotted a few things I would get. Below is my cinnamon raisin french toast which really did not need syrup although since they did have Steen's I slather one piece with it.

Below is cheese with grits. Not any grits. Anybody who has been to the Red Stick Farmers market know Papa Tom's trailer. He sells the best stone ground grits and cornmeal around here. How do I know for sure they are Papa Tom's. I will tell you why. He made a delivery while I was eating breakfast. This hole in the wall joint with limited parking is well worth it not only for the food but watching the man who has cooked here for 20 years work his magic


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