Tuesday, August 2, 2011

La Suprema 3105 Highway 365. Nederland, Texas 77627 (409) 722-2880

A Bargain Bee adventure. A very popular place. I got there right at 11 and there were cars in the parking lot already waiting for them to open. The interior was a bit shop worn but they have been open since 1970 so that did not concern me. Below is the chip and salsa brought to the table. A medium thick tomato based one with nice level of spice.
Here is where it started to go sideways. This Roy’s Chili Pie A “19th hole favorite,” mound of chips covered in chili con carne, cheese and jalapenos. Perhaps I should have read the description more carefully but when I see Chili pie I assume Fritos will be used. Not here. Their standard chip buried in a rather good chili with yellow cheese on top. As far as I am concerned they should have called chili nachos and I would have chosen something else. Good by not what I was looking for.
The main reason I came here was for the Fish Tacos Spicy fried or grilled tilapia served with cilantro pico in a corn tortilla with a side of black beans. Orders of 3 I like a fried fish taco. Again it went sideways. The fish was fried in a seasoned flour that gave it a nasty tasting crust and the size was too big. An Americanized dish if I ever saw one. This again was not what I was looking for. The black beans turned out to be the best thing on the plate. Tender and smoky.
The other reason I came. Menudo - Mexican tripe soup served with tortillas, onions and lemons (Breakfast of Champions). What was good with this one is that it was served in a small bowl. Most times it is like Vietnamese Pho served only in a swimming pool size bowl. This was excellent with honeycomb tripe and a great pork broth that was not too spicy It made the trip worthwhile. I doubt I will return.

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