Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cajun Cafe 329 Pryce Street (formally Lawrence), Lake Charles, LA 70601 337.439.3722

Cajun Cafe does hamburgers now. I took one to go to use up my Bargain Bee. Funny thing is they do not have the pricing anywhere. Not on the wall, not on the weekly menu nowhere I could see. I ordered a bacon cheeseburger and as usual the server only heard cheeseburger so that is what I got. It was delicious and would have been better with bacon. The patty was thick and juicy cooked just right. The bun was standard and as usual for me no pickle or lettuce. I do take tomato and onion but I thinking of just going with the onion. This burger is well worth whatever price it was and I would return for a repeat.
With each plate lunch you get a piece of cornbread and a yeast roll. My roll was very dense but had that flavor you can only get with a true yeast product. It would have perfect if allowed to rise a little more. The cornbread had an underlying sweetness which is what I grew up on. Therefore I loved it.
I got the meatloaf because you can tell a lot about an establishment. These people are just meat and no filler type. You have to be good as even a slight overworking of the meat will leave it like a brick. To tell you the truth I do not mind some filler as long as it is not overboard. I personally like the texture better. However they did a fine job here. The flavor was good. The gravy and mash were ok. The cabbage was fantastic. Every thing it should be. The greens although from a can were doctored up with vinegar and spices. Another thing not on the board is that you can get a small or regular. Below is a small. Also that you can get a vegetable plate. Sometimes I want just that. It is a case of the regular customers knowing the rules and the newbies and infrequent not knowing them.A bit of sweet and I mean just a bite. They must use a jellyroll pan. It was about an half inch thick but good
I like this place and would frequent it more but it is out of the way and somewhat difficult for me on my crutches. They do a good job not as good as Red did at the old place.

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