Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Balls Fried Chicken 606 Enterprise Boulevard, Lake Charles, LA 70601-4573 (337) 433-0226

Another Bargain Bee. I got the Super Sampler to eat there and a two piece to go to use up the voucher. Below is everything in the sampler except the chicken. You get a small salad, boudin ball, three shrimp, and fish with a roll and side. I opted for fried okra. The boudin was non greasy as were the fish and shrimp. The interior was perfect and contained good boudin with a good ratio of meat to rice spiced just right. The shrimp had the same coating as the fish and were OK. The fish had a mustard smear under the coating and was great. Fried okra which I suspect was a pre-fab was ok.
Below is the chicken from the sampler and my to go order. It was like a remember it. Nice crisp crust with moist meat and a little on the spicy side.
I got red bean and rice for side with the two piece. I wish I had taken a picture before I mixed it up. It consisted of a layer of whole red beans over rice that had been mixed with the juice. The beans were perfectly cooked and the spice level ok. I just prefer the creamy kind.

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