Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Celeste's Tamale 3102 Saba Ln, Port Neches, TX 77651 409-722-1172

This establishment was just a bit strange. When I got there it was obvious it was intended to be a take away place yet they had a dinning room. Everything I got was package in to go containers. Like below the tortilla chips in the bag were pulled straight from a refrigerator as they were ice cold. No salsa but a hot sauce probably intended for other things. I did a side of guacamole that was pretty good.
To use up the coupon I got a soft taco (flour). The taco meat was well seasoned and overall as good a taco as I have ever had
Below is a tamale dinner with three tamales in a chili gravy, rice and refried beans. I loved the tamales. The ratio of the meat to the masa was perfect. The meat was the same as the meat I got in the taco and the masa well hydrated and not dry. This chili gravy I have not encountered before but it had nice flavor and I liked it. The rice was dry as the desert and the beans liquid. Some I combined the two which made it OK and ate. If I ever return here I will just buy a dozen and take away

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