Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Southern Spice Moss Bluff

Southern Spice MB
227 Hwy 171
Moss Bluff LA

Monday to Saturday 10:30 AM to 9 PM $10 to $30
Sunday 11:00 AM to 2 PM

Where a Mr Bills was once is an outlier of Southern Spice. I have reviewed numerous establishments in this space. I hope this one takes as I tired of coming here

I started off with the Thursday plate lunch, Fried Pork Chops. I usually get the smothered most of the time but I decided to treat myself. Unless you have a huge appetite get the small plate lunch. The regular is trucker size. I received two chops pounded flat and fried perfectly, large scoop of mashed potatoes, corn and black eyed peas. The corn and peas were good, above standard. The potatoes seemed a little gummy. The chops were tender and not dried out but oddly bland. They seem to have not been seasoned not even with salt. This held true for the crust. I generously doused them with the house seasoning that was on the table. It made them better but not as good as if they had been seasoned before cooking. The lunch comes with a two bite dessert. It was cake that day. It is small but it is nice to finish on a sweet note.

Next time I came at dinner time. I started with a small Shrimp and Crab Gumbo. Nice roux with a good broth, a fair amount of shrimp and some crab meat but as usual to much rice. Gumbo is not rice and gravy it is gumbo. Please put the rice on the side. I ordered the Seafood Platter. It came with the usual salad from a bag. The platter consisted of shrimp, oysters, catfish, stuffed crab and shrimp. I got smothered potatoes as my side. Nice size shrimp in a flour coating and nice sized oysters and catfish in cornmeal just as I love them. The crab had a nice stuffing with good clean crab flavor abet a bit bready. The stuffed shrimp seemed a bit odd. When I tried to bite or cut into it the crust had a consistency I can only call leathery. The shrimp and stuffing came out and I was left with a pouch of crust. The smothered potatoes proved excellent. Not exactly a stew but more like great home fries with loads of pepper and onions. I finished with a huge slice of humming bird cake, delicious.

I was looking forward to my last visit. I had spotted a Cajun Cheeseburger on the menu. Sautéed onions on the top and cayenne pepper inside and not a Jalapeno in sight made this a must have for me. I received disappointment. An odd patty half overcooked and half OK with no heat or spice to it at all. The cheese, sautéed onions and bacon that I added soften the blow a bit. I doused it with Tabasco and went to it. Now the onion rings were perfection. Medium cut and fried with just flour, my favorite.

I would expect a branch of an established restaurant would send out a few seasoned veterans to teach the new guys how to do it. However the inconsistencies that came out the kitchens seems to indicate otherwise. Hopefully this will straighten out with time. I hear they will be doing breakfast in the future. Nice addition for Moss Bluff folks

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