Thursday, September 4, 2008

Yank Sing

This small Chinese at 4626 Nelson road seems to be an often forgotten venue at least by me. I recently rediscover it and one of my favorite dishes. They have a small buffet but the menu is much more interesting. I tend to be there at the shank of lunch. Usually just me and the service staff. I kinda like it like. Not into big crowds. At that time nice friendly service and I am normally not in a hurry so they seem to relax. Pictured below is my favorite dish to order in a Chinese restaurant if they have it. Many do not. It is Pepper Shrimp or sometimes called Salt and Pepper Shrimp. It could be squid also but I went with shrimp this time. It is usually seafood. Each venue does it a little different which delights me no end. Here they coat the shrimp in light dusting of cornstarch then deep fry. It then goes into a wok with a seasoning mix of salt, a tiny bit of sugar, pepper flakes, and green onion tops. It is stir fried until most of the seasoning adheres to the shrimp. I absolutely love it

I visited again. The previous time I had tried steamed dumplings but they were so horrible I took no pictures of them. This time I got a spring roll. Nice little fried roll made with the thinner springroll wrapper instead of the thicker eggroll wrap. It had a nice blend of veg and pork in it. The condiments included gloppy sweet and sour, nose piercing mustard and chili flake oil

The main course was Ginger Squid. I love ginger and got it on just that basis. It turned out to be a stir fry dish of squid, ginger slices, bok choy, and green onions. The flavors were wonderful but most of the squid had been overcooked and a bit chewy. Some were OK but most not. The other thing about this establishment I love is that I can get a bowl of just plain white rice. While I like stir fried rice as a meal I want white to eat with my meal. Must be the Cajun/Coonass in me.

Think of this venue when all the rest of the cookie cutter Chinese in town wear thin.

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