Sunday, September 28, 2008

Saturday at Freys

Went to Freys in Jennings last night. Did not realize it was homecoming and the place was packed. However they were very efficient and we did not have to wait for more than 10 or 15 minutes for a table. Joining me were a couple ,The Engineer and Towanda, new friends and dinning companions.

Also some of my regular group including my Enthusiastic Friend

and my Baking Friend

This is a cup of shrimp bisque which was excellent. My baking friend got that for her main entree and was quite pleased. It is an old fashion type

These are some sweet potato french fries that the whole table enjoyed

A cup of chicken and sausage enj0yed by my enthusiastic friend. My taste proved very good indeed.

Some stuffed gator balls that were tasty but a very mushy inside. Not a keeper

These Devils on Horseback ( bacon wrapped shrimp) I would order again. The bacon was completely cooked without overcooking the shrimp. Nice crust and good flavor profile

The Engineer's Catfish Court-bouillon. He thoroughly enjoyed it

Towanda's Fried Seafood Kabob. Fried jumbo shrimp and huge pieces of catfish fried to perfection and skewered with steamed vegetables. A real taste treat that I had gotten before.

This was my Eggplant Surprise with sweet potato fries. A fried plank of eggplant covered in a spicy cream gravy with shrimp. Delicious

This was the Crabcake Pasta that my enthusiastic friend ordered. Nice crab cake served over fettuccine with a creamy spicy sauce.
Besides a questionable texture on the stuffed gator balls everything last night was a winner. This venue puts out quintessential southwest La cooking in my opinion and well worth the 30 minute drive to get there.

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