Tuesday, September 9, 2008

El Tapatio Lunch

I have a lady that cleans my house every two weeks. Sometimes she is still at it when I get home (I only work to 1 PM) as she did today. I go to this venue as it is just around the corner from me. No pictures this time as I forgot my camera at home. You will just have to do with word pictures.

I like to have a something to start off with. However their so called appetizers are a full meal for one person. Luckily they have an a la carte menu. I chose a tamale this time. Another one of my favorites. They don't just send out a bare tamale they dress it first. Sprinkled with white melting cheese and taco meat then smothered in their ranchero sauce, it goes under a broiler to warm. The tamale itself is on the small size but well portioned. I solid core of tasty meat with a thin coat of masa. It is very good.

For entree I tried something different, Chile Colorado. Strips of tender beef that had been heated on a flattop until crispy then the ranchero sauce put on top. Spanish rice and refried beans with white cheese on top accompanied it as did some corn tortilla. The sauce is like a creamy tomato sauce with a medium spice level and deep flavors. This may be my fourth favorite meal here. I am sure I will eat number two and three sometime in the future.

I am finished with the review cycle and will try and catch up with posts here. starting tomorrow.

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