Saturday, September 13, 2008


The meals following the hunker down were simple and straightforward. An effort to bring the frig down to items that could survive for a few days. I had bought some frozen biscuits. A couple of them with butter and Steen's cane syrup along with my cafe au lait made up breakfast. With the rest I made sandwiches with some Eddy's smoked brisket one day and Rabideaux smoked venison sausage the other. Somewhere along the line I sauteed some sweetbreads. The power outage never came for me. I breathed a sigh of relief because if it had lasted more than three days I would have had to dispose of 100 lbs of hog meat.


Crafty Ladies said...

You must be so glad your power held. Good luck!

Arthur "The Bear" Hebert said...

Thank you. I am extremely glad and lucky