Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Potato Pirogi

I had a coupon for Mrs T's Pirogi. I bought the potato ones which to tell the truth are the only ones in the store. The best pirogi I ever had was at a restaurant in the Polish embassy in London. This is my version of it. Below is the butter and oil coming up to temperature

A whole onion sliced thinly

Into the pool with a little salt to bring out the moisture in the onions

The frozen pirogi

The onion at various stages. I have no patience so I cook on high heat and stir constantly to achieve the caramelization

The pirogi joining the fun

Almost ready to come out and go in my mouth

On the plate ready to eat

In future I will do two things different. I will blanch the pirogi so the dough on the edges hydrate a little. These edges were a little tough. Also I will get some sour cream to stir into it off heat. However this was fine. A little tough dough on the edge did not throw off my enjoyment.

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FLU said...

I am originally from Pittsburgh, which may well be the pierogi capital of the U.S. Pierogies are one of my favorite foods. When I cook them, I don't use any oil, only butter. I sautee some onions and then add the pierogies and let them get crispy. When they come off the heat I add a dollop of sour cream although many people prefer them plain. Sometimes I also add sauerkraut or diced jalapenos to the onions, and I serve with a side of sweetened cottage cheese. There is a place in Pittsburgh called Pierogies Plus ( that makes excellent pierogies as well as other Polish delicasies. They have numerous varieties of pierogies that they will ship, but the price can be expensive. I always pick up a large amount when I make a trip back to the Burgh and I pack them in ice and bring them back to Louisiana on the plane with me.