Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Lagniappe Cafe (Warning Pig Innards Portrayed)

As promised I am giving equal time to Sean. About a month ago he started doing his pig feast on alternate Sundays. He is located at 1825 I-10 in the truck stop housing a casino. Give them a call at 436-1151 to see if they are doing it. He fixes three dishes and you can order separate but I always go for the trifecta. They are Chitlins, Tripe and Pigs Feet. All are braised until fall off the bone tender. The chitlins have a slight vinegar tang. The tripe not chewy. The feet succulent with lots of unctuous mouth feel. Pictured below is the bowl of delight.

Here are the sides. Smoky, vinegary greens. Sweet luscious sweet potatoes and great hunk of cornbread to sop up the various juice. I left near to busting but happy

During the week they offer one of the finest plate lunches in the city with all BBQ on Saturday cooked before your very eyes out in the parking lot. At this point in time I consider the finest plate lunch in town

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