Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fast Food Thursday

For the last couple of days I have been eating tostados. Fried 5" corn tortilla spread with Jalapeno refried beans, a layer of taco cheese, and topped with my cheek meat debris. I got a haircut that put me a little late and hungry but not wanting to cook I tried out a few new and old items. Below is Popeye's LA nuggets with Delta Sauce. Whole meat breast with an old fashion flour batter and this spicy amalgamation of mustard, creole mustard and a little mayo. Not too bad

Here is the Chicken Biscuit. Lot more meat and a container of sauce to douse it with. Definitely like it more than the Delta Mini burger. This delta sauce could become addictive

Must not leave out Taco Bell. This is the Volcano Taco. Pretty much a regular taco except for two things a supposedly spicy corn tortilla shell and a spicy mayonnaise. Tortilla not mayonnaise yes Maybe with the addition of the hot taco sauce it might be explosive but I found it to be a fizzle in the pan

This is my favorite thing at Taco Bell. The Caramel Apple Empanada. Too delicious to describe. Pure heavenly delight. Some times I just go and get some of these. Mostly I try to make a treat every once and awhile

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