Friday, September 26, 2008

"and so it begins"

I am officially on my week vacation that I have taken off for my birthday. I usually eat my way through some city mostly New Orleans but this year it will be my own city Lake Charles. I will be doing the low end and the high end of the town. Join me on my journey through next week. I start on the low in. After grocery shopping I stopped off at Church's Fried Chicken because it was on the way back home, it has a drive-thru window and I had a coupon. I tried their new Spicy Chicken. It is marinated in jalapeno, cayenne, red, black, and white pepper. It is then flour coated and fried. I do like chicken in flour coating. The spice level here was not overpowering but it provide a nice kick that lingered for a while afterwards. The biscuit with the honey butter coating is nice also. Mashed potatoes obviously prefab. If a coupon comes my way again I will get some more.

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