Saturday, September 27, 2008

Saturday Lunch

Lunch today did away with the last of the cheek meat debris. Open faced sandwiches with Mexican cheese on ciabatta rolls. I have pretty much decided that the package of beef cheeks in the freezer is going this route also. It was too delicious to think of doing it any other way. I worked on my mystery package from the hog labeled pork insides today also. In it was the tongue, kidneys, spleen, and what I took to be the melt. I also defrosted the liver. I sliced the liver thin and will cook it with loads of onions. I have never had pork liver cooked like beef liver before. This may prove interesting. I may make pate with some of it. The tongue will be my first experiment with my new pressure cooker. All the other stuff I cut into bit size pieces and will cook on top of the stove like my mother used to cook cow bouie. I will bring you updates and possible pictures as I do them.

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