Saturday, September 13, 2008


Released early on Thursday to prepare for Ike, I did it in my own way. I ate some "hunker down" food. I went to this establishment, the oldest operating restaurant in Lake Charles. Not only is it the oldest but has been owned and operated by the same family since the 50's. Grandparents to Grandson. Now housed in what was the Red Foxe Inn here is an interior shot. After the Red Fox Inn it operated as the Jean Lafitte Inn for years. A through overhaul of the interior was done at the time Nic Hunter transferred the restaurant from its long time location on Hwy 14

Following the current practice the bread basket is a metal basket. This contained rolls similar in taste and texture to the Outback. Rolled in oatmeal to give a rustic appearance they are still the slightly sweet artificially dark colored bread of the Outback. I am not criticizing, I in fact love this bread.

I ordered the Trio of Crab. The server did not tell me this was going to be enough to feed four people. Going clockwise starting at the top we have Crab Royale, Deviled Crab, and Harlequins own Crab Remick. All the crab meat was a mix of jumbo lump and backfin, sweet and delicious. The preparations varied in their delivery. The Royale seemed to be an au gratin. The cheese had separated so there was a watery component. All I got was the taste of a good parmesan which overpowered the crab. The devil in next dish was a spicy bread crumb mixture similar to a crab stuffing that had been overworked. The crab had been stirred in last minute and therefore was unseasoned and bland. The Remick however was fantastic. The russian dressing like sauce married well with the sweet crab. The ideal of opposites attract proven. This dish came with crostini made from french baguettes to spread them on.

The main event was a Burger with Home Fries. On a large hamburger bun bottom they start off with mayonnaise then a 8 oz or more patty cooked to taste topped with a slice of American cheese, sauteed onions, and sauteed mushroom topped with a mustard slathered bun top. Tomato, shredded lettuce and dill pickle slices reside on the side. Perfectly fried and seasoned wedge potato slices with tang ketchup made for righteous meal. Patty was juicy and meaty and the additions fresh.
I finished up with Mrs Hunter's Bread Pudding with Lemon Sauce. A finely ground rather than torn in chunk bread pudding. Except for some Zante Currants a plain jane sort of affair which I prefer. The tart and sweet sauce set it off perfectly. I have been eating this bread pudding on and off for nigh onto 40 years. This piece tastes as good as the first piece I had.
An extravagance I admit but I need something to buck me up for the upcoming days.

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