Saturday, August 1, 2009

Pitt Grill Iowa

So I was in Iowa checking a new venue to see what progress had been done on it and was hungry. I usually end up at Fausto's but it popped into my head that I had not been to Pitt Grill in a long while. I have never been to the Iowa one at all. So up the road I went. It is part of a gas station/casino complex. You enter though the retail middle and it is on the left. Fairly nice space. It just so happen I came in as almost every one going out. Had a very kind server who made trips to the Soup and Salad bar for me. Below is a nicely composed salad with blue cheese dressing. Quite nice
A cup of seafood gumbo which looked quite promising but turned out to have that mystery spice I loathe. One of these day I will have to give serious consideration as to what it is

Below is my entree. Half shrimp and half catfish with onion rings. Overall good but I made a serious tactical mistake. Ordering this on the day it was on the buffet. Nothing was hot out of the fryer but rather lukewarm from the buffet. The catfish still had some heat to it but the shrimp along with same coating as the catfish were room temperature. The onion rings ( a slim cut) were fine

The bread pudding gotten by my server for me was of the torn bread variety with lots of cinnamon and a caramel glaze. Not bad. I am a sucker for caramel

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