Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sausage and Lima Bean Stew

Sausage in the freezer and fresh lima bean at the Farmer's Market led to this recipe. I am hugely glad as it is one of the best I have done so far. So easy and straight forward but yields a true Cajun taste. In it I can see what may have been the basis of Blackeyed Pea Gumbo.

Below are the ingredients.

Mise en place for making it

Sausage frying in a cast iron Dutch oven.

The vegetables being sauteed until tender

The chicken stock and beans in the pot

Bring to a boil and simmer then Voila. In lieu of rice I used the Crusty Cornbread to soak up the juices and underscore the beans

I did find the juices a little thin so I used just a touch of Wondra flour to add a little viscosity and richness to it. The flavor profile was right on. The smoke and spice level of the Bubba Frey product made everything so perfect no other spice required. This I will make over and over again in bean season. Thank you Donald.

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Anonymous said...

To me the limas were a tad bit undercooked or at least mash a few up. And instead of wondra a nice little bit of white roux with a pat of butter would have been nice.