Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fast Food Tuesday

I finished the review for the next issue of Lagniappe about 2 PM and was hungry. I had a coupon for Wendy's boneless chicken and wanted to try it. As the taco bell is near the Wendy's in my neighborhood I usually hit it also. At Taco Bell I got the Volcano box. You get a regular crunchy taco which was ok

You get a volcano taco which was a lot spicier that the first time they promoted this. By the way the tortilla may be red but it is not spicy

A volcano burrito which had a pretty hefty hit of spice also. You also get a drink and the cinnamon twists that I ate on the way back

Below is the Wendy's Boneless Chicken with the Asian Sauce. Very nice sauce spicy and sweet. It went very well with the fried breast pieces. I would by this again without a coupon. The other two flavor hold no interest for me

Finally some Carmel Apple Empanada from Taco. I never past them up. If you like caramel you should try these.

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