Thursday, August 27, 2009

A-Mazen Seafood Lunch

They are doing lunch now. It is a mini version of dinner with a few additions. The bad thing is that whatever is on the dinner menu is not a smaller version and is therefore priced accordingly. To get in under $15 a po boy and maybe a cup a soup. Two appetizers would bring you in at $18 to $20. They do have more soups available at lunch. Below is the seafood bisque. A thick creamy soup with powerful seafood flavored broth. It contains copious amounts of shrimp, crawfish and crab

The Fried Artichoke Hearts appetizer proved great. Fresh artichoke hearts in a crumb crust with a lemon tang and a superb in-house ranch dressing. I enjoyed ever bite. Again proving that the fry people here are masters

I opted for the Crab Cake Burger. It was a fairly decent crab cake like a 70-20-10. 70% crab, 20% breading, 10% vegetables. The fries were perfect and the mustard/mayo spread quite tasty. A satisfying burger

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