Sunday, August 16, 2009

Real Cajun Redux

I had to make somethings over as I feel like I did do my best. The buttermilk ice cream was not one of those but since I had buttermilk and cream and this is easy to make I made two more. The first was banana. I let a couple of bananas get overripe then liquefied them. This went into the base. The flavor was great. I did not take a picture because it was basically white. The one below is flavored with cherry flavored cocoa powder. This one came out fantastic. The slight bitterness of the cocoa played well against the tartness of the buttermilk with the cherry enhanced by the sugar added. Definitely a keeper.

The reason for getting the buttermilk was to do the buttermilk pie over since I over baked it. Here it is below. My aunt always made it with a regular pie crust so I did the same . It came out decent and I will be making this the future as it is so easy and I brings back pleasant memories

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Roux-B-Doo said...

It all looks good, pie and ice cream.