Monday, August 31, 2009

Bistro le Cep

Bistro le Cep
11112 Westheimer
Houston TX
Monday - Friday 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM $6 to $16
Way out on Westheimer is this lovely French venue in a strip mall. The classic bistro of 80’s America. A step into the space transports you to France. Both the decor and service take you there. Since I‘ve only had lunch here, I am giving just those hours. They do dinner and you can go to the site for that.
I had lunch here with my Houston friend and her son. She started out with classic onion soup. Rich broth with a piece of bread floating on top with melted Gruyere cheese smothering it. Her son ordered Escargot a la Bourguignon (garlic butter). Served in a traditional snail dish, they came out perfectly cooked in a pool of butter. Melt in you mouth with a sizable punch of garlic
My Houston friend’s entree consisted of a chopped sirloin steak topped with Gorgonzola served with cole slaw and fries. My tasted proved that meat and cheese could work together. The juicy rich meat paired well with the tangy rich cheese. Her son opted for Quiche Lorraine. A classic of ham, Gruyere cheese and onions cooked with rich custard of cream and eggs in a pie shell. Excellent taste proving simple food done perfect is always a treat. I opted for pan roasted calves liver served with grilled sliced apples, onions and bacon. Hand cut French fries accompanied. Simple food cooked to perfection. The hearty irony liver flavor tempered by the sweetness of apple and onion brought together by the lusciousness of the bacon.
A baked meringue ring filled with praline ice cream and drowned in chocolate syrup proved my Houston friend’s downfall. Her son restrained himself with a cheese plate of blue cheese, Camembert, and goat cheese with crusty bread and fruit. I went with the “on the door special” of a fresh strawberry tart. A graham cracker crust layered with cream cheese filling and topped with glazed fresh berries. Simplicity at its best
While way out on the west side of Houston, this wonderful French venue of classic dishes is well worth the time and effort to get to.

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