Monday, August 24, 2009

Sausage Burger with Green Chile (Donald Link) Part Three

The finale. Putting the burger together. It is not an exact replica of the one in the book. I could not find fontina cheese so I used haverti which is creamy and melty. I did not happen to have grain mustard in the house and I use a bitter field mix instead of argula. Here are the ingredients

The cheese melted on the grilled sausage burger

The chile oil drizzled on the bread (ciabatta) and grilled to toasty

Layering the chiles themselves with just the tomato and greens to go on

At last I can eat and I did. It was delicious and a keeper. I like the idea of spicing the pork to make a pan sausage. In some pan sausages there is a spice that does not agree with me. The spice used here were great

I had made 4 patties so I tried out three variations using them. This one was sausage patty, cheese and fried egg

with the roasted chile on top. Toasted the bread with the oil. This would make a fine breakfast

This one I wanted to taste the patty plain so I did a breakfast plate. Whole grain bread, patty, eggs and mayhaw jelly because I like a little sweet sometimes on the sausage

Last one I broke up the patty and sauteed with the chile oil and roasted chiles. It went on a tortilla with the cheese. I added lettuce after this and made a fine burrito. If I would have had potatoes in the house I would have added them.

This was a good recipe. I think that I will use the chile portion in the future as I have a couple of lbs of roasted Hatch chile in the freezer from a Central Market trip. It was Hatch festival last weekend and also this weekend. I bought lots of value added stuff that I will be showing in the future. It will be at least a week or more before I do Real Cajun as I am busy at work and home this week.

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