Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wanchai Ferry Frozen

Now besides an excellent box mix Wanchai Ferry has frozen meals for two. Here is the packaging for one that I tried yesterday.

Here is the finally product. It takes a few more steps than say a Bertolli but it is still pretty fast

The totally amazing thing was this lo mein especially the noodles was about ten times better than what I picked up at Lucky Wok. The shrimp came out excellent not overcooked and it had vegetables to boot. I would not hesitate to buy again especially if I had a coupon.


chesney said...

Where did you buy this? I want to try it.

Arthur "The Bear" Hebert said...

Albertson as I recall. However it should be avaialbe at Kroger or Wal Mart.

chesney said...

Thanks I'm gonna try it