Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hamburger Delight

A couple of weeks ago when I was doing the Link rice recipes I had leftover pork and beef so I made some patties along with dehydrated trinity and garlic, seasoning and crumbled blue cheese. I knew I would not get to them any time soon so I threw them in the freezer. Just recently I got them out and over a few days cooked them. The one below was seared in an iron skillet then steamed. I served it regular hamburger style on a Ciabatta roll.

Below is one grilled on my table top appliance slather in BBQ sauce.

Finally one cooked again in the cast iron skillet (I liked that result) topped with a pineapple mango chipotle salsa from the Pace upscale line. It was great)

I intend on doing Link's meatloaf again as I thought it was great. This time since I have ground beef, pork and goat in the freezer I will use them. Anything left over will be made into burgers like these

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