Friday, July 10, 2009

Que Pasa Taqueria

I have not been to this place since it first open. The only thing that drew me back was the fish taco. It has changed a bit. No longer counter service and the condiment bar has been eliminated. The menu is heavily Casa Manana with bastardizations of the true Mexican dishes. A sure sign of that was the customers. No longer Hispanic families just middle age gringo women. Service was good but pesky. I do not need to be asked every 5 minutes if I need something. The chips were hot and the salsa good

The tacos al pastor were fine but like most Americanized ethnic food too heavy on the meat and if the pastor pork was sliced off a tompo I am a monkey's uncle. This dish is Mexico City street food meant to be a snack of two bites per taco eaten while waking. Below is not that. It was not in balance and that is important to me

Now for what I came for. They started off alright. I prefer fried fish in my fish tacos but everything after that was just wrong. It should have been plain shredded cabbage and not huge hunks of in a nasty little sauce. Again too much protein thus the need for two tortillas and it could have used a nice sour creams with herbs. Unless major changes occur here and I doubt it will I will not be a regular customer. Although I may do drive thru for a Godot to see how they have messed that up.

This I enjoyed. Called sopapilla strips. A doughnut dough cut in strips and fried then topped with your choice of cinammon sugar, honey, or powdered sugar. I got mine cinammon sugar and a side of caramel dipping sauce. Not as good as churros but nice.

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