Monday, July 6, 2009

Brined Fresh Ham (Donald Link)

When me and my cousin had our hog butchered, I went with fresh ham rather than cured because I wanted see how that went. I had success brining the first two pieces. I had one more so decided to give it the Link treatment

Brine and spices
Fresh ham. It was like a 5" ham steak
Out of the brine and ready to go in the oven
In the oven fixing to be turned
Finished product. What follows is a series of ways that I ate it
Sliced with pan gravy and macaroni salad
For breakfast. Cubed and fried then mixed with eggs, cheese, and tortilla strips with a chipotle pineapple salsa and guacamole

Slice thin then sauteed. Finished off with pepper jelly glaze and served on biscuits

Sliced and heated with chipotle mustard on top and Lake Charles Dirty rice on the side

Sliced and pan seared with Eggplant Dressing on the side
Made into Ham Salad for making sandwiches or just munching on

Not bad. The meat had a holiday taste because of the allspice and cloves used in the brine. The meat was tender and juicy. Another keeper

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Danno said...

Looks great Arthur! How did I miss that recipe in the book, I've been in and out of it since I got it. Love the pepper jelly prep, really does go well on anything, doesn't it.

Love this Real Cajun thread, looking forward to more.