Monday, July 20, 2009

Donald Link Style Black Drum

A run into Beaumont yesterday at Floyd's Cajun Seafood and Texas Steakhouse with a blowout on the interstate and a two hour wait for the tire change left me hot and not wanting to blog. I cannot say too much about the lunch except everyone agreed that it was good enough to go back.
I had some wild caught black drum which I though was skin on so I was going to try the redfish on the half shell recipe. However it was skinned. So using the flavor profile of Chef and a little trick that Joe Heacook (director of Sowela Culinary program) taught me years ago I did my own riff.

Below is the ingredients

I seasoned the pan and not the fish

Since I was using my tabletop appliance that has a light technology component I could not cook skin side down. So I cooked skin side up and put my special salad dressing for a little protection. It is basically made of oil right.

The finished product and it was great. May do this treatment on fish fillet again. Wonderful flavor and cooked just right.

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