Saturday, July 18, 2009

Vickie T's

I am back. I have a backlog of pics that I will whack away at. Below is a plate lunch from the donut shop on Broad. When I started to write the review currently in Lagniappe I realized it would be mega short so I headed out to try another plate lunch. Alas for me and them they were on vacation. When they came back I gave a pass by to see what the plate lunch was. Remember they only do it on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This was a Friday. When I saw shrimp stew I had to have it. It was a decent interpretation although it could have used a little more spicy. The deep rich shrimp and roux flavor was there and the corn had been smothered to almost caramelization. The dessert was a lemon filled donut that I ate on the way home. The only complaint and it is not a serious one is that there is too much rice. It is good rice and I tend to stuff myself on it

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