Saturday, June 13, 2009

Southern Spice Breakfast

Had to go into work yesterday for a few hours. When I left it was late enough to be just before they cut off the breakfast trade. I figured the parking lot would not be as full. I was right. I ordered one of their specials. Pancakes and bacon. I also wanted to taste the biscuits so I got a side order of one. The cakes were tall and fluffy almost like eating air but very tasty. The bacon was ok not as crispy as I like. The biscuit was excellent also. Light and fluffy. It would make a good gravy biscuit

As is my wont I also got grits on the side. These were perfectly cooked except for the fact they had no salt in them. It took awhile to get it to taste right. In the end they were perfection. I was noticing the crowd. It had a wide cross section of ages. The older clientele assures that the flavors here are old fashion good and the younger one assures these tastes will be passed on.

If you have not been in awhile you need to go back

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