Friday, June 19, 2009

Nina P's

When I reviewed this place ages ago I came away not that impressed. Recently I have been passing it on a regular basis. The parking lot is always full. Must have improved or there would not be so many customers at this place. Finally the other day I was in the vicinity at the tail end of lunch and there were spaces so I pulled in. All I got to say is WOW

Below is a small chicken and sausage gumbo. It has a dark flavorful roux and medium viscosity. The piece of chicken breast was huge and sausage good with no odd flavors. A medium spice on the broth and great rice. This is the kinda rice I could eat just plain except it had no salt. This would have been enough to be a meal for my sister

Wonderful onion rings. Medium cut with a flour coating and not greasy. Believe it or not this is an half order. I would hate to see what a full order would be like. It could probable feed 6 people.

I got the San Francisco Burger. Half pound patty with Swiss cheese, grilled mushrooms and onions, tomato, lettuce, jalapeno mayo on a Sheila Partin whole wheat sweet sourdough bun. I added some bacon. It was huge and tasty and I ate every last bit. It was sweet, spicy, earthy, beefy, etc

The bread pudding was just ok. It was made with po boy bread but either did not have enough custard or did not sit long enough to soak it in. It also contained nuts which I do not care for in bread pudding and sweet spices which are fine to me. The caramel like sauce I also liked

Bottom line there is a reason for that full parking lot and it is not just the lovely servers but the rock solid food that they put out

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