Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sausage & Peppers (Donarld Link) sorta of

Ok I probably made more substitution on this recipe than any before and have add a twist. Calls for amber beer but I could not get a single bottle of amber so I went with regular beer. Called for red wine vinegar but I used Steen's cane vinegar. Since the amber comes from roasting the malted barley and adds an undernote of sweet, I felt the Steen's would do that. It calls for grain mustard and I thought I had some. Turned out not but I had some chipotle mustard. Since I was using Mowata Store (Bubba Frey) sausage which a nice smoke on it and jalapenos was in the recipe, I thought it would dovetail nicely. By the way it did.

Below is the ingredients

My mise en place with all the ingredients prepped and measured

Sausage in the skillet getting brown

The rest of the ingredient into the pool. Brought to a boil and then simmered

At the end of the cooking period ready for my twist

My twist. I cracked raw eggs into the spaces and then steamed them in the liquid

Served over pita bread (only bread I had in the house). It would have been perfect but I cooked the eggs to soft yolk when I wanted a liquid one. It was still pretty good

The sausages were wonderfully tender and tasty with the vegetables having great flavor and spice with a tangy undertone. Would have gone fine with rice. Again simple straightforward directions for a marvelous variation on smothering meat.

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FLU said...

Looks good. Nothing like some good ol' sausage and peppers. I'll be in the area 4th of July weekend so I'll have to make a stop at the Mowata Store.