Thursday, June 4, 2009

Kyoto Lunch

I was looking to eat someplace the other day and Kyoto had the least cars in the parking lot. Why not. As usual I went straight to the sushi bar. I tried something different rather than rolls. Below is an squid salad. Slices of squid, mushrooms, and peppers in a tangy dressing. A little chewy but nice.
I got a mixture of sashimi and sushi. From the top clockwise in unagi (eel) sushi that I eat as a desert because the eel sauce is so sweet, yellow tail belly, octopus and sea bass. All was good. The taste should never be fishy just sweet and fresh.

This is one of my favorites. Sweet shrimp. The raw shrimp is so sweet and fresh and they fry the heads so you get a crisp crunchy thing with all the goodness from the head.

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