Friday, June 5, 2009

Lucky Wok

This combo sit down, buffet and drive thru Chinese in my neighborhood is a god send sometimes. I have had the envie for oriental lately. Last Thursday I wanted Chinese but I did not want to go in so I whipped through the drive thru.

Below is the egg drop soup that I transferred to a bowl so it could cool down. It was just what I was wanting. Light and tasty.

I got sweet and sour shrimp forgetting that this is one of those places that fry the shrimp and then have that sickly sweet sauce on the side. Come to think of it I do not beleive there is a place in Lake Charles that does it the way that China Garden did in the day. The shrimp were in a light batter and tasty. I just kinda gave a small dip in the sauce. In the background is an order of shrimp toast. The close up was too blurry to post. This is an item I always get here. They roll the bread so the the shrimp is on the inside and deep fry the bread. I love that. The shrimp is more chunky than pasty and wonderfully tasty

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