Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pepper Jelly (Donald Link)

This a recipe that is a component in another recipe. Here are the main ingredients. I varied them a little bit. I have more bell pepper and less jalapeno. I like spicy food but not burn my taste buds out hot.

After chopping up the peppers they get pureeed in the blender. Then they sit overnight in the frig to macerate and the liquid to take on the taste and heat of the peppers.
After a night in the frig I used a chinois to strain the mixture. Side note the recipe some how missed this step but an experienced cook would know to do it by two things. It is jelly not relish and the line about bringing the liquid level to 4 cups with apple juice. The next step is to boil the liquid with pectin. Then add the sugar and bring back up to the boil for a minute. I have no pictures as I was busy stirring and had no one to take them

The recipe and notes give clear and precise directions on how to do the hot bath canning method. One minor note left out (a fact I did not know) is that pepper jelly depending on the size of the jar may take as long as a week to gel. This is the fruit of my labor. Did you know that like tomatoes peppers are botanically fruit
My jelly has a soft set which is nice as I will likely use it for glazes and such beside the intended use in the next recipe. The taste has a nice bell pepper note and medium hot finish. Just the way I like it. This one seems to be a keeper also


Celeste said...

Oh, I never strain out the lovely chopped pepper bits--they're so pretty in the jelly.

Arthur "The Bear" Hebert said...

To tell you the truth my blender went sideways after that shot. I had to use the food processor and the bits were too large.