Sunday, June 28, 2009

Eggplant Rice Dressing (Donald Link)

Ingredients line up
Mise en place

Skillet shots are tough for me. Most of these went south on me for this recipe. I will just have to talk through it. First you brown the ground beef. Below is the seasonings added.

Next you add the spices and then the rice. Below is the blanched eggplant. Blanching takes out the bitterness and leaves it semi cooked. That is added next along with some green onions and bay leaves and water. I put all of the ingredients in my rice cooker and it came out quite nice

Below is the final product from the rice cooker

The way my mother made this was to make an eggplant base cooking down eggplant with seasoning and ground beef. Cooked rice was add to this. The above way works perfectly fine also. It has a nice eggplant flavor which I love and pretty hefty spice kick due to cayenne pepper. The eggplant disappears leaving the skin which just melts in your mouth with an additional eggplant flavor. Again a very simple and easy recipe although it does contain a couple of steps.

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