Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Fried Chicken Livers (Donald Link)

Here is the reason for the pepper jelly. Fried chicken livers. A signature dish of the restaurant. The recipe in the book fancies it up. Sliced bread cut in four, buttered and baked into a crouton and a mint parsley and onion salad to put on top. I am a little too lazy and rustic to do that. Although I can see this would go well together with the liver and jelly. Of course I had to throw another kink into the recipe. I did not have chicken livers but I did have turkey livers. Don't ask. Below is the liver after an overnight soak in whole milk buttermilk (bulgarian) with hot sauce , salt and pepper. Ready for the coating

In this case plain flour that coat each liver individually. Making sure to let the excess liquid drip off. Cover the liver totally with the flour and knock off the excess

Here is a batch ready to go in the fryer. I floured up just enough for a batch. Did not want the flour sitting on the livers.

An overview of the battering process

I used my tabletop fryer to do this not crowding the basket. They took about 4 minutes because turkey livers are larger than chicken liver. Below is the a couple just out of the fryer. I found they are best eaten while a little warm. After they have sat awhile they are not so good. I am sure this is because the liver is mostly fat and a little congealed when cold.

I slapped mine on some triscuits and piled on the jelly. Delicious. I popped the soaking livers back in the fridge and did some the next day. Just as good. I did not even bother with the triscuits. The coating is crispy and crunchy without being greasy. The turkey livers were just a bit more livery than chicken but not much. I liked them but I like anything liver The sweet and spicy jelly really cuts the fat in the liver and enhances the flavor

This recipe lays it all out in a simple and direct way. An easy recipe to follow especially if you already have the jelly. If you like the dish at the restaurant these are exactly the same. Something to pass around at a party as long as you are doing them fresh.


Celeste said...

Try grilling instead of frying next time. No need for a coating, just a light sprinkle of creole seasoning and a quick pass on the grill. Crispy, delicious, and quick. I enjoyed Link's book too, especially the public school hot rolls (just like when I was a kid).

FLU said...

I love Cochon's fried rabbit livers also. When I do mine, I sprinkle some Italian parsley on top of the pepper jelly, the way they do at the restaurant.

wooden bed frame said...

I like to stir fry this one then add some vegetables. That would be so nice!