Thursday, May 14, 2009

Steamboat Bill Lakeside

I am not a particular fan of Steamboat Bill's but I had never had been in the lakefront venue (except when the building was a tikki bar and I had a blue hawaiian there). But I had an envie for fried seafood and it is not far from my work. The interior is decorated for tourists and they have plenty of tables and such. I started off with a cup of shrimp gumbo. Not too bad. Medium dark roux with good shrimp flavor and plenty of 71-90 shrimp. The rice was just this side of ok.

I know it is softie aka soft shell crab season and I have not had any yet so I went for the large platter. They use a corn flour crust with mild seasoning. They were just ok. Really not crisp enough for my taste and also not really full but it satisfied my craving. The fried pistolette was perfect. Sometimes these are so greasy that they are inedible. The cole slaw was fine also. I barely touched the french fries but I seldom do.

Coming in a noticed they carried Cajun Pies which I seldom see in this area. They are out of Lafayette and I had done a story on them for a magazine several years ago. Coconut is my favorite flavor but I will take fig if I can get it. A totally satisfying end to the meal. The sweet dough crust perfect and the filling uber sweet and gooey.

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