Friday, May 1, 2009

Sea Bass Steak

I got a really nice Sea Bass steak at Whole Foods. A fish steak is when they cut across the body rather than along the body as in a fillet. With a steak you get a section of the backbone and usually a ring of skin. I marinated it in Tony Chachere's Butter and Jalapeno. Since it contained no acids to denature ie cook the flesh I left it in over night. I then seared it in a combo of Smith's Creamery butter from the Red Stick and olive oil. After some nice coloration I transferred to my table top convection/light appliance to finish off. While it was doing that I took some corn my cousin had put up last year and sauteed it what remained in the skillet. The flesh was so tender I could not lift it with breaking. Here is the pic below. Incredibly sweet with a slight spicy undertone enhanced by the sweet corn. Delicious

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