Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Kitchen

I have not eaten here in awhile. It just slips my mind. I should remember it as it is just minutes from where I work. Yesterday I remembered thanks to the Lagniappe Restaurant guide. This meal cost me $9. That is without a drink as I drink water per doctor's advice. Below is a slice of cornbread and a piece of pineapple bunt cake. The cornbread had a undertone of sweetness that reminded me of my mother's cornbread. It was excellent for soaking up cooking juices.

Now here is the main attraction. While not listed on the Tuesday menu ox tales are available if you know to ask for them. While classified as offal it is not organ meat but a cows tail. When done right it provides a beefy flavor that surpasses any steak in existence. They did it right yesterday. Because of bone ridges you cannot knife and fork this. It is pick up in your hand and eat the meat off the bone, totally satisfying. I am a bone sucker from way back. The meat was tender and flavorful with a nice spice kick. The mustard greens were spicy and delicous. The cabbage smothered down just right. The natural sweetness of the cabbage and slight spiciness played well against each other. My only complaint was the rice was not salted enough. Basically the best meal I have had in several weeks. I have eaten at The Kitchen in all its incarnations. From the shack on McNabb where it was take away only to 13th street where it took over the Manuel tamale place with limited seating to the Prater St place with lots of seating although I suspect they still get a fair amount of take away. Remember Thursday is BBQ and it is good

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