Saturday, May 30, 2009

Mowata Boudin

I find I do not care for this version. It is very mushy and watery. Also while it has nice shredded pork in it there are also chunks of gristle. One thing I do like about it is that the heat comes from black pepper. I even tried grilling it. The skin got crispy but the rice portion was still mushy. We will see how their pork sausage fares.


FLU said...

Wow, I'm surprised to hear you say that. The Mowata Store is probably my favorite boudin, along with Poche's in Breaux Bridge.

Arthur "The Bear" Hebert said...

You must like a wet boudin. I do not care for that style. As I recall that is Poche's style also. You will have to come futher west say to Iowa and Rabideaux to get the style I like. Different people have different taste.

ahfarms said...

I first had this boudin in 1974. There was an old lady in an old run down grocery store there.
OMG!! It was the best boudin I have ever had. Arthur, If you would have had it back then, you would have retired to Mowata. That's how good it really was. Since then, I have returned over time, and it lost its charm. The old lady died, and the store was torn down and replaced.
The boudin was never the same.
The last time I went it was no where near as good.

Tip. I was told that you can find some really great boudin north of Henderson. Take the exit and go north. You will find a store that is supposed to be the hot place to go for boudin these days. That is all I know. Never been. Ask if you need to, but go and let us all know if its true.