Thursday, May 21, 2009

Robin's in Henderson

I have heard about this place for a number of years and have wanted to go to it. It never seemed to work out. Either I remembered it too late or it was closed. This time I made a sustained effort to go there. Even the repaving of the road going there did not deter. However it is a sad sad situation. It is past it heyday. The structure is fine and the dinning rooms with stuffed ducks and other hunting memorabilia are in excellent shape as is the seating. However the world has seem to past them by. I was only one there for lunch except for a couple that arrived as I was leaving. Pat's Wharf with it advertising seems to taken the wind out of their sales. I hope the dinner trade and locals frequent it. I heard from a reliable source he could sell it but he wants to keep the legacy going. Below you see the pirogue of crackers

I ordered Shrimp Remoulade. It came not with a white French one or a red New Orleans on but one based on a Creole grain mustard. The boiled shrimp were perfect if a little bland but mixed up with the remoulade they were perfect. Hell even the lettuce was great. All leaf lettuce and spinach and not a touch of berg. Shows pride in my opinion

I order the Crawfish Platter as it is crawfish season. Below is the crawfish bisque portion. Now this is a true crawfish bisque in my opinion. Dark rich tasting roux. I am thinking it is a red roux where you put a bit of tomato paste in it as you are stirring it down. The spice level was just right and they served the rice on the side. A medium size body filled with a spicy filling was in it. I would come here just for this and I may next time

The platter included fried tails, etouffee, cocktail, boulette, crawfish pie, and stuffed bell pepper. The boulette was made with rice whereas I prefer potato but it was tasty enough. The crawfish pie was overcooked and watery. The bell pepper seemed to be stuffed with crab dressing and was very good. The cocktail was pretty standard. The fried tails and etouffee were out standing. They fried the tails with a light flour coating and they were irresistible, like pop corn. The etouffee had no tomato produce but was rich with the crawfish fat. The thing that made all the crawfish dishes great was the texture of the crawfish. Most times the crawfish can be mushy and little off flavor. These were firm and juicy with great flavor. I may not get this again but the fried tails and etouffe a must have

This ice cream was one of the reasons I have wanted to come here. It is Tabasco flavored. However it was a disappointment. Not because of the spiciness which I loved but because of the pronounced vinegar flavor. This was no background nuance but a slap you in your face flavor. I did not care for it.

However they have fig ice cream as well. I got a scoop as well. This one was great. A deep figgy taste with slight crunchy texture do to the tiny seeds. Again something I would come back for in a second. I finished off this scoop and left most of the other.

Give it a try and keep an bastion of Cajun cooking around


FLU said...

I have tried going here a couple of times but it has been closed, so I've always had to eat at Pat's (which isn't very good). I plan on going here again the weekend of July 4. I plan on getting the crawfish etouffee, and some bisque or gumbo, and some crabmeat au gratin. I hope they still have the froglegs fricassee on the menu so that I can try that also. I've heard a rumor that he is planning on shutting the restaurant down and retiring soon. Let's hope not.

Arthur "The Bear" Hebert said...

I would check to see if they will be open for that weekend. He closes on sunday. What I heard is that he has had several offers for the restaurant but refuses to sell. I think he has a daughter involved in it. If she inherits it she might sell