Thursday, May 21, 2009

More fast food

Yeh that's right more fast food. I had a coupon from a mag for a single piece of the new Kentucky Grilled Chicken. It was coming up on the date so last weekend (still behind) I redeemed it. That is a thigh below. They must use a weighted clam shell grill to do this on. It is one flat piece of chicken. The flavor profile is lovely. Quite tasty. You get the nice grill marks and no skin. However eating it in hand there was some grease left on my fingers so they can still call it "finger licking good". I would definitely get it again. Not because of calories saved but for the flavor

Below is a Heritage Pizza from Domino's. I wanted the Fiery Hawaiian. I went online and ordered it. However with Domino's new site you can make all sorts of adjustments. I was never really a fan of ham and pineapple pizza. However here you can sub BBQ sauce for the marinara. Now that made sense to me. I got it with BBQ sauce but evidently the system needs work as there was no jalapeno slices or Tabasco sauce on it. However I loved it. The tangy sauce, sweet pineapple and salty crunchy bacon and ham made it for me. I have also gotten the Memphis one also which I liked. I hope they kept them around for awhile. I only order pizza about once a month.

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